''Morpheus'' (Lucid Dreaming)

Morpheus (lucid dreaming)
(lucid dreaming)

The application OS Android
for increasing self-awareness
during sleep (lucid dreaming)
on the basis of modern
neurological developments

Takes into
consideration your
individual rhythmologic

Speeds up
the LD learning

Training lasts
24 hours
seven days
a week

understandable user

The availability
of timely update
of the program
(lucid dreaming)

Morpheus (lucid dreaming)
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  Upgrade of the "Morpheus" (lucid dreaming) version, supplemented with feature enabling people to master the techniques in a sleeping state as well: in the REM sleep stage.

  The "Morpheus" (lucid dreaming) program is designed to help increasing one's self-awareness in the dream state (lucid dreaming).
   It can be used along with any other adopted lucid dreaming training methods (cf. reference works of Stephen Laberge [1-3] and other LD researchers [4-12]).

   Among the various lucid dream induction techniques the most proven and proficient one is creating a critical reflective set about your conscious state by doing "reality checks" while awake:
  - "Am I dreaming right now ?"
  - "Is that a dream ?" 1,

  Important (sic!) Every time the program gives you a cue, you are supposed to do a reality check by asking yourself the displayed question or your own one during 10 seconds 2.

  In addition to “reality check” questions you will be proposed to perform some actions for "reality check"3 (during 5-10 seconds):
  - look closely at your hands (palms), join and open fingers;
  - look at your feet;
  - look at a "special object"4,
and so forth - in the waking state.

This program takes into account rhythmologic characteristics of individual, and during seven days in the scope of the law "psymoct-oc " it forms signals:
  - in the waking state: aural, visual and vibration signals - "cues I"5.
  - in the sleeping state: aural and vibration signals - "cues II"6

  "Psymoct-oc " is using the concepts of B.Skinner ("Teaching machines and programmed learning") and I. Shmelev ("The third signal system. Section Divine"), that allows to speed up the process of mastering the required skills.
This program, individually tailored using the personal "genetic algorithms", is based on the modern neurological developments and adaptive algorithms for artificial intellect; it exactly predicts change of waking and sleeping state stages, in order to elaborate "cues I" and "cues II" and to organize the learning process as accurately as possible.

To calculate your individual rhythmologic characteristics the following end-points would be used: regular point of awakening and time taken for falling asleep, as well as results of tests "My-minute" and "My-Dream", and the daily synchronization of reference points as part of BFB7.

  In a number of LD (lucid dreams) training techniques described in the literature [1-12] it is recommended to start remembering your dreams. Depending on your performance according to results of the test "My-Dream", the program can offer you to start the LD mastering by remembering dreams or tracking the emergence of "cues" during sleep (mode "REM-1").
In the "REM-1" mode the program generates for you a "cue II", intense enough to make you wake up.

  When you have mastered the process of remembering dreams, due to training in the mode "REM-1" or you without it, for no special reason, you are recommended to use the mode "REM-2" of the program.

Recommended duration of using the program is 7 days.
When the program shall to be used longer than 7 days, a break for 2-3 days should be taken.


1 List of reality checks:
  - "Am I dreaming right now?"
  - "Is that a dream?"
  - "Check it out, is that real?"
  - "Am I in a dream right now?"
  - "Where am I right now?"
  - "Who am I?"

2. The cue application method may be the same one you use in your dream exercises. In that case you should just use the cue as a wake-up call according to your technique.
Example: Perform an action - "Look at your hands", and other similar tasks.

3. List of actions for "reality check" can be extended on your own.
It is important to keep in mind that the action should be fairly simple.
During "checking" concentrate all your attention as far as possible on the action performance.
When you are driving or so, do not perform item 2 and 3!

4. As a "special item” you can use any small object that you could wear on you all the day long. Your handy may be e.g. your "special subject", but we recommend you to use something else. A small stick, a favorite pen, or so.

5. You can chose any option you need for the "cue I" using the menu of the program :
  - sound and its volume level;
  - message text (using the listed questions or enter your own one);
  - using vibration (on/off);
  - continuous or single cue mode.
When using a continuous cue mode, press "*" to disable it.
If the key isn't pressed, the cue will be deactivated automatically 30 seconds later.

6. You can chose any option you need for the "cue II" using the menu of the program :
  - sound and its volume level;
  - message text (using the listed questions or enter your own one);
  - using vibration (on/off);
  - continuous or single cue mode.
  - for "REM-1" – a continuous or single aural wake-up signal (alarm-clock).
When using a continuous cue mode, press "*" to disable it.
If the key isn't pressed, the cue will be deactivated automatically 30 seconds later.
  - nature of the cue is set manually, after the test "My-Dream".

7. BFB - Biofeedback.


Lucid dream applications:

There might be lots of reasons for your willing to learn lucid dreaming. The LD researchers give accent to more then a dozen of main uses of lucid dreaming.

The basic ones are :

- Entertainment.
For example, flying in a lucid dream will make you experience extraordinary feelings! Lucid dreams, unlike ordinary ones, are generally more intensive and realistic.

- Relaxing.
You might use lucid dreaming in order to relax after a busy day.

- Experience of a life-time.
Turning into an animal or getting super powers is a unique adventure, which can hardly be experienced by others means.

- Research interests.
If you are particularly interested in the nature of dreams, either on a spiritual or a psychological point of view, lucid dream experiencing might be very helpful in your exploring. You can repeat the experience of your previous dreams or relive any event of your real life. Lucid dreams can help you interpreting your dreams or talking to your subconscious mind.

- Creativity problem solving and training.
If you are a science fiction or fantasy author, or you are creating a video game world, lucid dreams might help you visualizing that. You may ask your characters how they feel about something, or how they think the story may unfold. Some people compose music while lucid dreaming, others develop new technologies.

- Making a decision.
Making an effective decision while holding incomplete information. The quantity of accessible information is much vaster in the dream state, and that gives you a significant opportunity of making a right decision.

- Rehearsal.
Lucid dreams are so realistic that can be used for preparing a public speech, an artistic performance or your favourite sport physical training.


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