All such PRODUCTS possess the well-defined activity cycle: during the first half of cycle energy is accumulated, or matter is accommodated, during the second one energy or matter are returned. The former half is positive, the latter is negative. Since such products use aspect of form, the first phase appears aggressive and destructive. In contrast to other known similar programs we not only have taken account of that extremely important issue, but have used this aspect as a factor of non-infliction of harm. Moreover, in contrast to other similar products we (our product) are working with energies of so high level of causality, that its influence is able to harmonize not individual events, but many years of life. Such a wave-length is not measurable by objective means of control. So, the project starts on 02/02/2004, and the total length of the cycle of first stage makes seven years. For the first three and a half years the energy accumulation had been taking place; this phase is going terminate at Christmas, within the period from 25/12/2007 to 07/01/2008. Following three and a half years, up to 02/07/2001, will be the period of product using. During the specified period the PRODUCT will undergo some dynamic modification, reflecting the changing quality of manifesting planetary energies. Therefore, the project in its present form is limited by the time of its realization - until 02/07/2011. Yet after 02/07/2011 the present project is being prolonged in a different way.
   The matter is that primordially it is necessary to get rid of a quantity of accumulated deformations and aberrations, stored up by the mankind during the last 3500 years. Thus we have begun ab origine, especially because of situation as of 02/07/2004, when start points of cycles of energy for three Ages had coincided. Now the PRODUCT is responding to energies of Age of Aries, i.e. mostly to an outstanding personality aspect. Thus, its cycle of activity corresponds to the number of Age of Aries, which is "7". At the same time the presented PRODUCT indirectly manifests as well the energies of the Age of Pisces, which cycle of activity corresponds to number "11". But we have been already entered the Age of Aquarius, and its inherent energies keep developing more and more. The number of Aquarius is "22". Aforesaid might be presented graphically (see Figure 1).
Figure 1

   Thus, the project will undergo the first radical modification within the period from 25/12/2009 to 07/01/2010, the second modification within the period from 25/12/2014 to 07/01/2015 and the third one in July of 2026.
   In the Age of Aquarius, though, all cycles are sharing one positive feature: negative portion of cycle is coming to an end a bit earlier and makes 2/5 of the total cycle
1. Therefore the developer of the project has started to work safely with the PRODUCT in June 2004.
   Are there some indications that the present project will work as declared? We would like to quote the Old Testament, where the Lord tells to Moses: "In every place were I cause my name to be rememberedI will come to you and bless you" (the book of Exodus, 20:24). In this case "the Lord my Banner" (Nissi Yehova, the Bible, the book of Exodus, 17:15)2 is "the name to be remembered", and the place where it was "caused". And so, the Lord and Moses are with us, as well as their benediction.
   In Moses's time the rite of purification were accomplished at a physical level, in the last age, Age of Pisces, at an astral one. In coming Age of Aquarius this act is transposed by the Lord of the World and by Christ at a mental level. Therefore, responding to the spirit of the age, the present project has started and is evolving using the most recent achievements of the human mind, on the front line of mental level accessible by now. Internet and computers are modern tools of general use, allowing the human to enjoy a more fine and powerful purifying and protective force of the "Lord my banner", or an Altar of burnt sacrifice: in the Moses's Age flesh was to be burnt, in the past Age of Pisces those were passions, and in the coming Age of Aquarius those will be mental fantasies, temptations and obsessions forming the ground for contemporary Chaos.

       (1) Refer to "Fire doors". P.144
       (2) Refer to the book "Principle of Christ" (see "library" of the site), respective chapter.